Serotonin Syndrome (Toxicity): Overview and Diagnosis

Serotonin Syndrome (Toxicity): Overview and Diagnosis

Serotonin Syndrome: Just a common condition or trigger of depression Serotonin syndrome is a condition when your body has a high serotonin level. It could happen by medications that can impact serotonin levels. Antidepressants are the primary cause of this syndrome. A body makes Serotonin to help brain cells and other nerve cells communicate with …

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Alzheimer's disease intensive study | How Alzheimer's is diagnosed

Alzheimer’s disease intensive study | How Alzheimer’s is diagnosed

Alzheimer’s Disease: from forgetting keys to forgetting major life events Alzheimer’s disease is a severe neurological condition where brain cells’ death causes memory loss and cognitive decline. This medical condition is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, the first to describe it in 1906. It is the most common dementia type known as Senile Dementia, accounting …

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(OCD) behaviour Symptoms , and Medications

(OCD) behaviour Symptoms,and Medications

OCD: An Extreme Urge to Repeat Actions or More Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is broadly a mental health condition that involves intrusive, distressing, and obsessive thoughts resulting in compulsive, repetitive physical or mental acts.In the United States, one out of forty adults suffers from this medical condition, and approximately 2% of the world population has OCD.Usually, OCD …

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Anxiety (Social PhobiaI): Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Anxiety (Social PhobiaI): Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Anxiety Disorders: Regular Stress Reaction or Something More Severe? Anxiety is a normal reaction where our brain reacts to stress and alerts us of potential danger ahead. It is a common reaction that people usually feel when they face problems at work or school, before taking a test, or before making an important decision. Occasional …

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Common ADHD Symptoms in Adults

Common ADHD Symptoms in Adults

Quick Overview Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a medical health condition that includes difficulty paying attention and controlling impulsive behaviors. People with ADHD face trouble paying attention to a single task or sitting still for more extended periods. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) diagnosis, both children and adults are at risk …

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